Ways to Reduce Workers Comp Costs

Pathway to Savings

Employer awareness and involvement helps reduce workers’ compensation costs related to claims, improves mod rates and lowers premiums.


  • Develop relationships with your insurance agent and FFVA Mutual ‘s safety and claims team for their resources and expertise. 
  • Establish an anti-fraud plan and make your policies known. Workers’ comp fraud costs over $7 billion annually. Remind all employees to report suspected fraud.
  • Inform your insurance agent on any company changes (ie: YTD claim count, payroll, classification, etc.). Even minor updates may impact premium costs to reduce workers’ comp costs.
  • Report all workplace injuries immediately. Early reporting allows your claims adjuster to begin managing the claim quickly and reduce potential medical costs.
  • Share your return to work program with employees, supervisors and managers, on what is expected.


  • Conduct Job Hazard Analysis training so employees know how to perform their jobs safely, and identify potential hazards that could result in an injury.
  • Encourage employees at every level to attend regular safety training events and webcasts.
  • Know your experience modification rate. The frequency and size of claims determine your rating. Lower mod rate = lower premium.


  • Create and maintain a safety culture in your workplace. Reduced accidents directly impact costs. Login to Safety Key to access our Safety Program Guides.
  • Reward employees for their safety efforts. This improves morale, productivity and most importantly, reduces on the job injuries.
  • Provide transitional/modified light duty assignments to demonstrate your company’s return to work commitment toward employee wellness and retention.

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