Preventing Back injury from lifting

How To Prevent a Back Injury from Lifting

What you can do to prevent work-related back injury from lifting Lots of workers spend time throughout their day lifting weights and moving heavy objects Their jobs might require it but, without the proper techniques, this physical activity can... more
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FFVA Mutual 2022 Annual Report

Workers Comp Insurance: Why FFVA Mutual

Solutions Focused on Your Success At FFVA Mutual, we believe safeguarding employee health and safety is a pillar of running a successful business That’s why we offer personalized safety services and safety training at no cost to our... more
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Dangers of substance abuse and the benefits of a drug-free workplace

The Benefits of a Drug-Free Workplace

Reasons to Have One and Resources For employers, having a drug-free workplace is paramount to employee wellness and safety at work October is National Substance Use Prevention Month and every year, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)... more
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preventing hand ligament injury

Preventing Hand Ligament Injury in the Workplace

How to reduce hand ligament injuries Hands are among your employees’ most valuable tools, both on and off the clock That’s why hand safety and injury prevention policies should be an important part of every company’s safety program Overuse... more
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Why Employers Need a Return to Work Program

RTW Benefits, Essentials and FAQs Employees are every company’s most valuable asset, which is why safeguarding their safety and having a comprehensive Return to Work program is essential The loss of a single worker can lead to costly... more
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Why you should take slip, trip and fall prevention seriously

Slip, trip and fall prevention in the workplace The safety and well-being of employees are essential to the success of any organization One of the most critical aspects of ensuring employee safety is preventing slips, trips and falls in the... more
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Year in Review

Year in Review: Look Forward to Improve Workplace Safety

Workplace safety isn't an end goal, it's a state of mind At FFVA Mutual, we're constantly on the lookout for new workplace safety topics, trends and practices to help protect our policyholders from costly injury claims and improve workplace safety... more
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7 steps claim process

7 Steps of the Workers’ Comp Claims Process

Workers’ Comp Claims Process Simplified The workers’ compensation claims process is unique for every employer and injured worker, but it does not have to be a daunting task The 7 steps outlined below clarify and simplify the workers' comp... more
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Announcing TRUclaim Solution

FFVA Mutual's New Injured Worker Portal We're excited to announce that TRUclaim Solution, a portal designed to support and guide injured workers through the claim process, is now available for new claims in all of FFVA Mutual’s 10 licensed... more
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Top 5 Claims Blog Post

Workers’ Compensation Claims: What to Watch in 2022

Workers’ Comp Claims Statistics and Trends FFVA Mutual’s year-to-year workers’ compensation claims data gives us important insight into the types of injuries that lead employees to file a claim We’ve compiled a list of the five most... more
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Repetitive strain injury activity modifications

Repetitive Strain Injury Activity Modifications

Boost workplace safety with these repetitive strain injury activity modifications For employees that use their bodies a lot at work — and that includes just about everyone — these types of overuse injuries can happen at any time While not as... more
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