Florida driving

Does Florida do enough to prevent distracted driving?

What Florida does to Prevent Distracted Driving Distracted driving is a growing concern across the state of Florida Although the state has enacted legislation aimed at tackling this problem, recent data suggests it has largely gone unenforced,... more
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Announcing TRUclaim Solution

FFVA Mutual's New Injured Worker Portal We're excited to announce that TRUclaim Solution, a portal designed to support and guide injured workers through the claim process, is now available for new claims in all of FFVA Mutual’s 10 licensed... more
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Ladder safety

Ladder safety tips you should know

Ladder safety tips Improper ladder usage can be dangerous and lead to accidents, injuries or worse Many employers either neglect the safety of this critical job function or simply don’t know how best to promote ladder safety Fortunately,... more
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FFVA Mutual’s 2021 Annual Report

FFVA Mutual’s 2021 Annual Report shares our company's financial highlights, results of operations, reimagined mission/vision and strategic goals geared toward growth, innovation, and outstanding customer experiences 2021 Annual... more
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Reduce workplace injuries with our forklift safety training course

Benefits of forklift safety training

Reduce workplace injuries with our forklift training course Forklifts are a common feature of many worksites They enable employees to transport large and heavy materials quickly and easily But while this piece of machinery is essential to the... more
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Workers comp Training 101

Workers’ compensation training 101

Workers’ compensation training 101 Building workplace safety into your organizational culture is one of the most effective ways to keep employees safe and reduce costs associated with work-related injuries Unfortunately, employee health and... more
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Safety Foundations

Effective Safety Program Foundations

Build and Grow your Safety Program Workplace injuries cost employers a total of more than $170 billion every year according to the National Safety Council The worst part Most of those injuries could have been prevented if employers had invested... more
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preventing hand ligament injury

Preventing Hand Ligament Injury in the Workplace

How to reduce hand ligament injuries Hands are one of your employees’ most valuable tools, both on and off the clock That’s why hand-safety and injury prevention policies should be an important part of every company’s safety program... more
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Repetitive strain injury activity modifications

Repetitive Strain Injury Activity Modifications

Boost workplace safety with these repetitive strain injury activity modifications For employees that use their bodies a lot at work — and that includes just about everyone — these types of overuse injuries can happen at any time While not as... more
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Preventing Back injury

Preventing Back Injury from Lifting

What you can do to prevent work-related back injury from lifting Lots of workers spend time throughout their day lifting and moving heavy objects Their jobs might require it, but it can put a lot of pressure on their backs, and that can... more
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Ways to reduce workers comp costs

Ways to Reduce Workers Comp Costs

Pathway to Savings Employer awareness and involvement helps reduce workers’ compensation costs related to claims, improves mod rates and lowers premiums Communicate Develop relationships with your insurance agent and FFVA Mutual ‘s... more
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