Cost Effective Wellness Programs any Business can Start

It’s not just about safety. While creating a safe work environment is key, there is something to be said about a company that focuses on wellness programs for its employees.

But what is a wellness program exactly?

To put it broadly, a wellness program is “intended to improve and promote health and fitness,” according to And though the focus is on the employee’s well-being, there is a business benefit to this as well.

According to the Health Enhancement Research Organization, 90% of business leaders said employee wellness (and its promotion) increased productivity.

Prioritizing wellness at work has a proven track-record of success. The bottom-line benefits for businesses with successful employee health programs are impressive:

  • Workers’ compensation and disability claims dropped 32%.
  • Healthcare costs fell 26%.
  • Sick leave and absenteeism decreased 27%.
  • Every $1 invested in wellness resulted in over $5 in savings for employers.

Wellness Program Ideas

Everyone has heard of Google’s workplace and the many perks that comes along with being a Google employee. But not everyone is Google and can afford nap rooms and hammocks.
That said, there are ways companies can provide wellness programs on a budget to employees, and still benefit from high production rates. Here are some ideas.

1. Offering healthy snacks and fruit – There are many services that offer to deliver food from local stores to offices. Instacart is one example. The advantage here is that if you put this on a schedule, it’s possible to save more money. Oh, and healthy snacks can keep employees alert and happy. For business with vending machines already on the premises, focusing on improving the selection with healthier options could be a way forward.

2. Free library – Consider all the books you have on your bookshelf currently. How many of these are you going to read again (or for the first time)? Encouraging employees to bring books they no longer want or need, and contributing to a community lending library can help ease stress at work and declutter at home.

3. Walking Meetings – Not everyone has time to get the gym, so a way to incorporate some exercise is to stop having meetings around a table and have a couple of meetings in motion. This may not work for particular meetings (like a performance review), but this could be a unique way to catch up with an employee and still get some exercise done at the same time.

Our goal at FFVA Mutual is to provide safety leaders and employees with resources that help make your workplace safer and more productive. Our experienced Solutionists provide policyholders with in-person and online safety support that includes training events, webinars, short talks, resources and more. Ready to take the next step on the road to improved wellness? Watch our on-demand Workplace Wellness webcast.



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