In-House Claims Management Solutions

Even in the safest environments, workplace injuries happen.

If and when they do, your dedicated claims adjuster will be there to coordinate appropriate medical treatments, manage claims to reduce costs, and assist with return to work transitions.


Having an in-house claims management department means our staff has easy access to information from underwriters and safety consultants that can be quickly shared with agents and employers.


Our expert claims Solutionists focus
on positive outcomes.


This is achieved by taking a hands-on approach to successfully
manage the claim process by:

  • Thoroughly investigating the accident and injuries from day one
  • Coordinating proper medical treatment
  • Ensuring accurate and timely payment of benefits
  • Helping injured employees return to work quickly and safely


This emphasis on positive outcomes lowers claim costs which in turn lead to lower premiums.

Ways FFVA Mutual’s Claims Services Benefit Employers

Dedicated Claims Team

Dedicated Claims Team

Every policyholder has a personal relationship with their adjuster – regardless of the number of locations or claim count. Lower claim counts (100-125) improves communication and provides additional time for adjusters to investigate claims and build trust with everyone involved.

Personalized Return to Work

Personalized Return to Work

We work closely with the employer and injured worker to transition them back to work as soon and as safely as possible. Our reintegration process reduces costs across the claim and improves employee morale.

Experiences Adjusters

Experiences Adjusters

Our adjusters have an average of 10+ years of experience. They know when to question a claim and when to champion it. Identifying the right path early on in the process lowers costs, and bringing in assistant adjusters streamlines the process to close claims quicker.

Low Litigation rates

Low Litigation rates

With litigation rates 50% below the industry average, you can expect claims savings. Over the last four years, our litigation rates average below 9%.

In-House Medical Review

In-House Medical Review

Details matter. We go beyond fee schedules and PPO discounts to evaluate every medical bill for duplicates, up-coding and more. This results in significant savings that directly impact premium through lower experience modification rates.

Workers’ Comp Solutionists

We deliver respected, reliable and responsive workers’ compensation solutions every day
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Medical Bills. Expertly Reviewed.

Every Dollar Counts. Medical costs typically amount to 60% of claim dollars paid.

Our medical bill review process reduces claim costs, which directly impacts premium and employer experience modification rates. Last year, we reviewed more than 55,000 medical bills that resulted in over $40 million in savings.

Benefits to Employers

  • Hands-on approach maximizes savings at no additional cost
  • Managed care without the managed care costs
  • Timely payments to medical service providers
  • State regulation compliance

Eliminating Overpayments Creates Savings

How We Do It

  • Evaluate diagnosis related to medical records
  • Examine medical records for accurate bill coding and review code modifiers
  • Maintain accurate billing practices and state regulatory updates through consistent staff training
  • Monitor for duplicate billings

Claims Management Simplified

Whatever the situation, if an employee is injured at work, you want to make sure your business has a process in place to streamline workers’ compensation claims. This is why, as a policyholder, you’ll want to take advantage of the services of FFVA Mutual’s reliable claims management team of experienced claims adjusters to help guide you through the process.

What is claims management?

Claims management includes advice or services relating to claims for compensation, restitution, repayment, or any other remedy for loss or damage, or in respect of some other obligation.

Our claim management services help make things easier for your business by offering a comprehensive overview of the workers’ comp process. We work on behalf of our policyholders, diligently processing various kinds of claims and providing guidance on the return to work process to help transition employees back to work quickly and safely.

What FFVA Mutual Can Do For You

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Costs related to workers’ compensation claims can swiftly make a substantial impact to your bottom line if not managed timely. FFVA Mutual helps employers implement industry leading best practices to avoid claim costs from increasing unnecessarily.

Our workers’ comp claims management solutions allow policyholders to effectively manage their risk management programs with safety services and workplace training designed intended to meet OSHA requirements. A unique account service team approach, dedicated claims adjusters, and innovative solutions allow us to reduce the loss costs generally associated with workers’ comp claims management.

Medical Bill Review

Did you know, medical costs typically amount to 60% of claim dollars paid? Our medical bill review process can help you reduce claim costs that directly impact premium and employer experience modification rates. We provide a hands-on approach that maximizes savings at no additional cost. There are no upfront pharmacy charges.

Plus, we offer lower costs based on our PPO networks and negotiated medical bills. All this translates into timely payments to medical service providers along with compliance with state regulations.

Return to Work Assistance

With a solid return to work assistance program, you can decrease your medical, legal, and disability claim costs. FFVA Mutual partners with employers to create and implement a personalized Return to Work program. As a result, you’ll be able to transition an injured employee back to work as soon as possible.

An effective return to work program increases employee morale and productivity, reduces time expenses resulting from lost productivity and keeps your employees motivated to return to work quickly and safely.

Trusted Claims Management Services

Experienced Solutionists

Many of our claims employees have decades of experience in workers’ compensation claim management. Every professional has a recognized history of accomplishing exceptional results driven by claims management strategies. From the onset of the task through to its completion, we provide a high level of service.

In-House Claim Adjusters

Having an in-house claims management department means our staff has easy access to information from underwriters and safety consultants that can be quickly shared with agents and employers. We individually assign a designed claims adjuster for each employer.

Every policyholder and employee injury type is unique and manage the claims process differently from other workers’ comp insurance carriers. Your dedicated claims adjuster will help you coordinate medical treatments, manage claims to decrease costs, and help with return to work transitions. We are confident that our integrated approach will deliver better overall results for your business and lower claim costs.

Effective & Efficient Claim Solutions

The need for augmented claims efficiency, including faster claim closure rates and reduced expenses, in addition to the continuous development of technology, has compelled businesses to begin implementing online claims management.

Along with traditional adjusting, we also provide an accelerated claims management process in conjunction with online services using a streamlined claims management process flow.

Injuries that initially appear minor can increase your claim costs if not handled promptly. FFVA Mutual encourages employers to report work-related injuries within 24 hours. Timely claim reporting can help you keep medical costs down while resulting in quicker claims closure. With efficient and quick employer claims management, you can quickly identify potential fraudulent claims. Moreover, you can avoid penalty costs once you comply with state statutes.

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FFVA Mutual Insurance Co. provides client-focused, scalable workers’ compensation insurance to satisfy the needs of employers from nearly every industry. From serious accidents to common workplace injuries, we have the workforce, skill, and aptitude to tailor our services for each and every claim.

Every adjuster goes through an extensive screening and selection process to make sure they have the proficiency to provide quality claims management on every claim. This empowers our adjusters to be prolific while epitomizing the highest level of reliability, quality, and customer service in the industry.

Decades of experience in this field allows us to navigate the complicated world of the claims and insurance industry so that you don’t have to.
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