Summer Safety Tips to Reduce Heat Stress

Stay Cool and Safe: Summer Safety Tips

Your Guide to Summer Safety and Heat Stress Summer is here, bringing longer days, warmer weather, and the perfect opportunity for outdoor activities But with the sun's rays beating down, it's crucial to prioritize summer safety to ensure a... more
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20 Safety Moment Topics for Your Workplace

20 Safety Moment Topics for Your Workplace

Integrating Safety Moments at Work Ensuring worker safety is essential According to the latest data from the National Safety Council (NSC), the US experienced nearly 4,700 preventable deaths in the workplace, with over 453 million medically... more
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Announcing FFVA Mutual's 2023 Safety Award Winners

Shining a Light on Safety: 2023 Safety Award Recipients

Celebrating Top Performers in Workplace Safety We’re excited to announce the recipients of FFVA Mutual’s 2023 Safety Awards! This year, we are proud to recognize two outstanding policyholders who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to... more
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Fire Safety in the Workplace

Don’t Wait for Disaster: Steps You Can Take to Ensure Fire Safety in the Workplace

Workplace Fire Safety Training It’s no secret that the US has a fire problem: The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) published that every 21 seconds, a local fire department responds to a fire emergency When it comes to workplace... more
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What does (PPE) stand for? Protective equipment examples

What Does PPE Stand For? A Quick Safety Guide

What Is PPE, and Why Is It Important Many people ask the question "what does PPE stand for" and our safety experts have the answers you're looking for! Personal protective equipment (PPE) serves as the first line of defense against workplace... more
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Cost of Distracted Driving

The Costs of Distracted Driving

Eyes on the Road Saves Lives Distracted driving remains one of the most pressing issues on the road today and is more dangerous than you think Even with awareness campaigns and strict laws, people are still distracted by their phones or snacks... more
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distracted driving awareness month

Steering Clear: Safety Tips to Reinforce During Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Stay Focused: Avoid Distracted Driving In order to ensure employees' well-being, an employer must always prioritize safety This is especially true when it comes to driving Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents and injuries on the... more
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Hazard Communications Blog Post

Hazard Communications: An Employers Guide

Hazard Communications Hazard communications (HazCom) play a leading role in any workplace safety program by keeping employees and business partners informed about dangerous chemical products, harmful substances and other physical hazards According... more
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RICE Treatment

RICE Treatment for Workplace Injuries: Is It Enough?

What Is the RICE Method Have you ever had a sprained ankle or sports injury If so, you’ve likely heard somebody say to use the RICE method for treatment  RICE therapy is a widely recommended first aid course, often used for acute soft... more
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Safety Culture in the Workplace

How To Create a Safety Culture in the Workplace

The State of Safety Management In every workplace, occupational safety should be more than just a policy to meet the minimum requirements for regulatory compliance It needs to be a culture that permeates every level of the organization — a... more
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Spring Safety Tips

Spring Safety Tips For the Workplace

Keep Employees Safe in Warmer Weather With the hazards of winter months behind us, it’s easy for employers and employees alike to relax when it comes to workplace safety But as the seasons shift, spring brings a new set of weather conditions... more
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