Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

COVID-19 Update

At FFVA Mutual, we value the health and safety of our agency partners, policyholders and employees. Like you, we are closely following developments to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and its potential impact on our businesses and communities.

We want to assure you that our Solutionists are committed to maintaining our business operations and providing the expert underwriting, safety and claims services that you expect from FFVA Mutual. View our Contact Us page.

What you need to know now:

View our Contact Us page.

At this time, our points of contact and ways to report an injury remain unchanged. We will continue to adhere to the directions and advice of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and local and state authorities. If we make any updates to our services or procedures, they will be included on this page.

Below are helpful up-to-date resources to support your day-to-day operations and keep your employees safe and healthy during the Coronavirus outbreak.

OSHA Resources:

*NEW OSHA Alerts* – learn about the new Emergency Temporary Standard for Healthcare along with updated OSHA guidance for mitigating and preventing the spread of COVID-19 in all industries.

Ten Steps All Workplaces Can Take to Reduce Risk of Exposure to Coronavirus [pdf]
Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 [pdf]
Reporting Standards

NCCI Resource:

FAQs Regarding COVID-19 Addresses questions employers may have about wages, premiums, payroll reporting and coverage.

Classification Code 0012 addresses payroll reporting for furloughed employees who are being paid but are not working. Note: These payments will not be used in the calculation of premium. For details, visit the NCCI FAQ link above.

CDC Resources:

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Print Resources [in English and Spanish for Employers to Post]

FFVA Mutual Resources:

Promoting Employee Wellness During Times of Change
Working from Home? Ergonomic Tips to Make your Space Comfortable

Misc. Resources:

Preparing Your Home Checklist

Stop the Spread of Germs, click here for larger images English | Spanish

CDC Stop The Spread of Germs


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