Workers Comp Insurance: Why FFVA Mutual

Workers Comp Insurance: Why FFVA Mutual

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At FFVA Mutual, we believe safeguarding employee health and safety is a pillar of running a successful business. That’s why we offer personalized safety services and safety training at no cost to our policyholders and provide proactive claims management that aligns with your needs and preferences. Here are just a few of the features that have helped differentiate FFVA Mutual as a trusted and compassionate workers’ comp insurance provider:

A Mission Rooted in History

FFVA Mutual’s story – our history – is different from other insurance carriers because our work goes beyond providing great workers’ compensation insurance. When employers choose FFVA Mutual as their workers’ comp carrier, they not only receive industry-leading coverage but also contribute to a larger cause – the growth and distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables from farmers to tables nationwide. Learn more about our history.

Workers’ Comp Insurance Solutionists

Our hands-on team approach to quality underwriting, safety and claim services develops lasting Relationships at Work with our agents and policyholders.

When you partner with FFVA Mutual, you’re getting more than an insurance policy – you’re joining a family of dedicated Solutionists and safety experts who are committed to the health and well-being of every employee. We’ll work with you to improve your safety programs, eliminate workplace hazards and educate your team about trending health and safety topics, from distracted driving to heat stroke and beyond.

Underwriting Services

Agency relationships are at the heart of everything we do. Thanks to our broad underwriting approach, financial strength, multi-state capabilities and high retention rates, we’ve been able to help insurance agents grow their client bases with ease and confidence.

FFVA Mutual insures all major industry groups for workers’ comp insurance and writes business in 10 states, including AL, FL, GA, IN, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN and VA. These experiences have helped us cultivate the underwriting expertise and customer service our policyholders expect from an industry-leading workers’ comp provider.

Claims Management

Following a workplace injury or illness, you’ll want the confidence and peace of mind that your workers’ comp provider is available to address your claim. FFVA Mutual individually assigns a dedicated claims adjuster for each employer and operates a 24/7 injury reporting line, ensuring we’re here when you need us most. And thanks to our in-house medical bill reviewers, we can help maximize your claims saving and avoid duplicate payments at no extra cost. This responsive claims management process has allowed us to secure medical service provider payments in as few as 14 days, much faster than the 30-day industry standard.

Safety Services and Training

When working with FFVA Mutual, you not only receive comprehensive workers’ comp insurance and responsive claims management, you also gain access to our no-cost safety training. Our team of in-house, expert safety consultants are constantly releasing short safety talks, webcasts and other online training events designed to educate your employees about trending occupational health and safety topics.

Alongside these digital resources, we also offer in-person training events on a variety of key subjects, such as OSHA compliance, hazard communication, ladder safety and more. When combined with our hands-on consulting services, these training events can transform your workplace safety program into a proactive source of insight and improvement.

If you are a current policyholder insured with us, view our list of training courses and request safety training for your employees here.

Return to Work Program Assistance

Even the most safety-conscious worksites may experience an accident or injury sooner or later, which is why a having a comprehensive Return to Work program is essential. FFVA Mutual has helped hundreds of employers create personalized RTW programs and policies that are compassionate, organized and effective. These programs are focused on supporting injured employees from the moment a claim is reported to their eventual return to work.

By identifying modified or light-duty assignments workers may be able to perform, employers can quickly and safely transition injured employees back to a part-time schedule while they’re recovering. This, in turn, can help keep employees focused on their recovery and engaged in their careers.

What is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Workers’ comp insurance protects your business and employees in case of work-related injuries, illnesses and fatalities. Partnering with a trusted workers’ comp provider can offer the following types of coverage:

Medical expenses: When an employee is injured or becomes ill due to a work-related accident, workers’ compensation insurance will help cover their medical bills. This includes emergency care, direct treatment, rehabilitation services and more.

Lost wages: Some workplace injuries and illnesses result in days away from work, which may leave employees without a stable income. Workers’ compensation insurance can provide for these missed wages, ensuring injured workers can focus on their recovery.

Death benefits: If an employee were to pass away in a work-related incident, your workers’ compensation insurance would help pay for funeral and burial costs. Some policies may also offer financial support for the deceased’s family for a set period of time.

Many workers’ comp providers also offer proactive claims management, safety training and other support services to help you prevent on-the-job accidents. While these benefits are supplemental, they can help you lower your workers’ compensation insurance costs and provide a safe environment for your employees.

FFVA Mutual offers personalized workers’ comp solutions that extend far beyond traditional policies. Alongside medical, missed wages and death benefits coverage, we also provide hands-on safety training and consulting resources at no cost to your business. Our policyholders also benefit from a one-to-one relationship with a dedicated claim adjusters regardless of the number of locations or claim count.

Who Needs a Workers’ Comp Insurance Policy?

Workers’ compensation insurance is required in all U.S. states except Texas, meaning there’s a good chance your business needs to take out a policy. To remain compliant, employers should familiarize themselves with state laws and regulations, and select an insurance agency with firsthand experience serving those regions. Companies that don’t have a policy in place will not only have to cover the costs out of pocket, but may also face severe fines and penalties.

There are, however, certain exemptions for workers in particular industries and those who are considered independent contractors. Before purchasing a workers’ comp policy, you should figure out which type of coverage is required and understand best practices in your industry.

While workers’ compensation insurance is required by law in most states, there’s a more practical reason for taking out a policy: It serves as a vital safety net for injured employees and your business.

Without a workers’ comp policy, your organization may be liable for paying medical costs, time off and even damages to employees who have been injured or became ill at work. Since workers’ comp offers a high level of financial protection, out-of-work-employees can’t bring legal action against your company to recoup their medical expenses or lost wages.

How Workers’ Comp Benefits Employers

Partnering with a trusted workers’ comp insurance carrier can directly benefit employers by reducing their claims, medical and legal costs. Following a workplace injury, a dedicated FFVA Mutual claims adjuster will work with you to file a claim, review the incident and make changes to your safety policies to prevent repeat accidents. This proactive approach helps reduce on-the-job hazards and cultivate a culture of health and safety within your organization. Workers’ compensation insurance can also help employees feel valued and supported by your company, leading to increased morale and productivity.

Ways Workers’ Comp Benefits Employees

Workers’ compensation insurance protects injured and ill employees from financial hardship, ensuring they can continue paying the bills while they’re recovering. This is especially important following a serious accident that results in high medical costs and months away from work. That’s why FFVA Mutual offers customizable Return to Work programs that provide employees with a clear path back to their full-time jobs while accommodating their medical conditions. By creating a supportive framework, you can encourage injured employees to return to work quickly and safely, which in turn can help lower your workers’ compensation insurance costs.

Learn more about how workers’ comp works.

Contact an FFVA Mutual Solutionist Today!

Finding the right workers’ compensation insurance coverage for your business and employees is essential, as it acts as a safety net for your workforce and the business as a whole. If you want to learn more about FFVA Mutual’s claims management, underwriting or safety and training services, reach out to one of our appointed agency partners and get a quote today!


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