5 Benefits of a Return to Work Program [Infographic]

This Return to Work infographic shows the 5 Benefits that a Return to Work program offers employers and employees.

How to Develop Effective Return to Work Policies

The success of your Return to Work program relies on clear written policies distributed to all of your employees their first day on the job or when updates are made. Your policies should outline the RTW program in detail beginning with the time an injury is first reported to when an employee transitions back into their full-time duties – while also listing the resources available to workers during the recovery process.

Policies like this give much-needed guidance for anyone involved in the RTW process and should be in place before a workplace injury happens. They should include procedures that:

  • Outline transitional, light duty work responsibilities that are less demanding than normal duties.
  • Clarify that work schedules may vary or be updated as needed.
  • Emphasize the importance of ongoing communications between the employer, employee and claim adjuster.
  • Establish what employer and employee responsibilities are in relation to accident reporting, evaluating work readiness and following physician guidance.
  • Define the three W’s of injury reporting: When to report, Who to report to and Where to seek medical treatment.
  • Designate a “Return to Work lead” who will act as the point of contact for all workers throughout the company.

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