Announcing TRUclaim Solution

Announcing TRUclaim Solution

FFVA Mutual’s New Injured Worker Portal

We’re excited to announce that TRUclaim Solution, a portal designed to support and guide injured workers through the claim process, is now available for new claims in all of FFVA Mutual’s 10 licensed states.

Top Benefits for Employers

By quickly connecting your injured employees to claim and recovery resources this portal helps maintain positive relationships while guiding your employees back to work. 

  • Connect Employee to Insurer – Once the claim is reported, your employee will be contacted by their claims team within 24 hours
  • Return to Work Faster – TRUclaim Solution helps to minimize prolonged claims through proactive check-ins and streamlined processing

Benefits for Injured Workers

By increasing transparency and access to resources, TRUclaim Solution empowers injured employees to understand and easily navigate the claims process to achieve better outcomes.

  • Send Messages Anytime – Secure communication their claims team via text, email, or in-app messaging 24/7
  • View & Sign Documents Faster – Read, upload, and e-sign documents directly without waiting for mail
  • Appointments and Reminders – Reminders for upcoming appointments and to share updates with their claims team
  • Expectation-Setting Content – Access to a library of resources and FAQs to reduce anxiety and extra communications

Note to employers: ways to report an injury to FFVA Mutual have not changed. Once the claim is reported and received, the injured worker will receive a text notification to opt into communications and resources.

Quick links for more information:

TRUclaim for Employers Info Sheetclick here

TRUclaim for Injured Workers Info Sheetclick here

About FFVA Mutual’s In-House Claims Management Solutions

Even in the safest environments, workplace injuries happen. If and when they do, your dedicated claims adjuster will be there to coordinate appropriate medical treatments, manage claims to reduce costs, and assist with return to work transitions.

Having an in-house claims management department means our staff has easy access to information from underwriters and safety consultants that can be quickly shared with agents and employers.

Our expert claims Solutionists focus on positive outcomes.

This is achieved by taking a hands-on approach to successfully manage the claim process by:

  • Thoroughly investigating the accident and injuries from day one
  • Coordinating proper medical treatment
  • Ensuring accurate and timely payment of benefits
  • Helping injured employees return to work quickly and safely

This emphasis on positive outcomes lowers claim costs which in turn lead to lower premiums.

Top 5 Ways FFVA Mutual’s Claims Services Benefit Employers

  • Dedicated Claims Team
  • Personalized Return to Work
  • Experienced Adjusters
  • Low Litigation rates
  • In-House Medical Review

View our Employers page to discover more of our workers’ compensation solutions.

Looking to learn about the claim solutions offered by FFVA Mutual? Visit our Claims Management page and our Return to Work page


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