FFVA Mutual’s 2022 Annual Report

Focused Workers’ Comp Services

FFVA Mutual’s 2022 Annual Report shares our company’s financial highlights, results of operations, history, our “why” and strategic goals geared toward growth, innovation, and outstanding customer experiences.

2022 Annual Report President’s Message

FFVA Mutual's 2022 Annual Report

While much of the commercial Property and Casualty insurance market experienced some level of turmoil in recent years, the Workers’ Compensation line of insurance performed well. Because of this positive performance, we have seen in rate decreases, expanded capacity, and fierce competition among insurance companies. All of this is good news for policyholders yet creates a challenging environment for service-oriented companies such as FFVA Mutual which specialize in Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Why should an insurance agent and insurance buyer choose FFVA Mutual when there are other options with flashier marketing strategies available?

The answer is simple – because FFVA Mutual is singularly focused on Workers’ Compensation, and we do it better! Our safety and loss prevention training and services are unmatched in the industry. Our proactive, claims-adjusting philosophy is designed to quickly and effectively respond when accidents happen and deliver the necessary medical care and other resources to meet the needs of injured workers. Our underwriting team is thoughtful in its evaluation of risk and strives to provide the most appropriate policy options. Each policyholder has a dedicated account service team that works together to give our agents, policyholders, and injured workers the best customer experience and results possible. Choosing a Workers’ Compensation carrier is about securing these best-in-class services to achieve the most favorable outcomes possible.

Also, because we are a “mutual” company, our leadership avoids distractions like managing stock prices, quarterly earnings reports, or meeting revenue projections to satisfy stockholders. This allows all of us to focus on serving and benefiting our stakeholders, which include our policyholders, Solutionists, appointed agents, and the injured workers to whom we provide care and benefits.

All of this is carefully woven into the Company’s mission and vision statements and into the Strategic Plan that guides our Solutionists every day.

We are grateful for the support we have received over the years through our business relationships and look forward to growing together in the future!



Alan Hair
President & CEO

To view FFVA Mutual’s 2022 annual report, click here. For printed copies, email marketing@ffvamutual.com

Looking for more content about FFVA Mutual or our dedicated account service team approach to providing outstanding workers’ compensation services for our agents and policyholders? Take time to visit our blog!



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