Benefits of Timely Claim Reporting

Employees and employers should report workplace injuries as soon as possible.

5 Reasons Why it’s Important to Report a Claim Early

  1. Keeps medical costs down
  2. Quicker claims closure
  3. Identifies potential fraudulent claims
  4. Early return to work increases morale and productivity
  5. Compliance with state statutes avoids penalty costs

How Delayed Claim Reporting Increases Claims Costs

Claims reported after 14 days are more complex, take longer to close, and delay the employees’ return to work. In fact, late reporting can increase claim costs up to 51%.

Here are a few other things to consider:

  • Injuries that initially appear minor, could increase claim costs if not handled promptly
  • Employers pay higher medical fees for unreported injuries (versus FFVA Mutual’s negotiated medical provider fees)
  • Attorney involvement increases the cost of a claim
  • State imposed employer fines for delayed claim reporting can be significant

How to Report an Injury