What Employers Need to Know: Florida Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Many employers have questions about Florida Workers' Compensation Insurance Workers' compensation is a vital resource for business owners around the United States, and each state has different rules and regulations that govern who needs to be... more
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2018 By The Numbers [infographic]

At FFVA Mutual, our singular focus on workers' compensation drives our success For 60+ years, our dedicated team of Solutionists have provided industry-leading underwriting, safety and claims services to help employees stay safe at work This 2018... more
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Perform CPR

How ‘Stayin’ Alive’ Will Make You a CPR Lifesaver

If a coworker was suddenly unable to breathe or worse, stopped breathing, could you perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) correctly on the fly National CPR and AED Awareness Week is a good time to get a pulse on how prepared you and your... more
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No Text Is Worth Your Life: The Costs of Distracted Driving

Just how risky are the little distractions we face every day behind the wheel We all know how tempting it is to multitask while driving: You can make calls between appointments, find a favorite song on the radio, eat lunch on the go, or send a text... more
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Prepare for Hurricane Season

Safe & Sound: Are You Prepared this Hurricane Season?

Summertime brings to mind fun activities and sunny days but, for many businesses, warmer months are also a reminder to prepare for hurricane season Below are a few ways you and your company can stay safe and weather any storm Be Informed First,... more
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OSHA Recordkeeping Rule Updates

OSHA Recordkeeping Rule Updates: What’s New in 2019

Maintaining a safe workplace is an ongoing process, both for employers and regulatory agencies Since 1971, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has been on the frontlines of workplace safety compliance and regularly updates its... more
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The Keys to a Successful Safety Program

No matter what business you’re in, a strong foundation for success should include an effective safety program Reasons for having one are numerous - overall, it motivates, supports, and provides employees with a safe work environment to reduce... more
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Safety Committee

Safety Committees: Giving Employees a Voice in Safety

Everyone deserves a safe work environment Yet sometimes the follow-through on safety initiatives takes a backseat to other priorities This is where the value of a safety committee comes in When safety is part of a company culture, employees have a... more
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7 Questions with Carol Norris

Our latest Solutionist Spotlight, features Carol Norris, Safety Consultant at FFVA Mutual Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Carol’s territory covers northeast Florida and southeast Georgia She’s truly a “Jane of all trades” with over 15 years... more
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