FFVA Mutual’s Difference

Why FFVA Mutual?

FFVA Mutual’s Solutionists work alongside employers and agency partners to build proactive relationships that last. Our hands-on approach to workers’ compensation helps us understand the unique needs of our customers, allowing us to deliver personalized underwriting, safety and claim services every business and employee deserves.

If you’re wondering Why FFVA Mutual?”, the following infographic highlights what makes us a leading workers’ comp carrier. We invite you to learn more about FFVA Mutual and discover our difference below.

FFVA Mutual has been committed for over 65 years to providing industry-leading underwriting, safety and claims services that help employers protect their most critical assets – their employees.

Our dedicated team of Solutionists help employers focus on what really matters: reducing workplace accidents, helping injured employees return to work quickly and safely, and supporting your company’s continuous improvement. Together with our policyholders and agency partners, we’ve been able to achieve lasting results and develop useful training resources that can make a real difference in the lives of your workers.

The world of workers’ compensation is constantly changing as new safety trends continue to transform the daily lives of workers across industry lines. To stay adaptable, employers should look for every opportunity to expand their safety programs and provide education and training opportunities for employees to prevent injuries and reduce claim costs.

Proactive Safety and Claims Services

At FFVA Mutual, we believe a proactive approach to workers’ comp is the best way to successfully manage claim costs and maintain a healthy work environment for all employees. That’s why we offer our policyholders no-cost safety services, resources and in-person and online training specifically tailored to your needs. If a workplace injury happens, your individually assigned claims adjuster will work closely with you to coordinate appropriate medical treatments, manage claims to reduce costs, and assist with return to work transitions. With a dedicated account service team by your side, your business can develop effective policies and procedures to keep your employees safe at work.

Why FFVA Mutual?

When you partner with FFVA Mutual, you’re getting more than an insurance policy – you become part of a family supported by safety and claims professionals with a knack for problem solving. Whether through our on-site, in-person training programs or flexible online resources, your employees can develop the situational awareness and safety expertise they need to remain happy and healthy at work.

To learn more, visit our safety services and explore our no-cost safety webcasts, short talks, training events and online resources.

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