FFVA Mutual’s 3Q 2021 Financial Results

As we look to the close of another successful year, I am pleased to share FFVA Mutual’s 3Q 2021 financial results for the nine months ending September 30, 2021 along with a 3Q comparison from the prior year.

FFVA Mutual’s 3Q Financial Highlights:

Net Admitted Assets $349.4 M*$334.2 M
Direct Written Premium$76.9 M**$76.6 M*
Policyholder Surplus$197.2 M$176.1 M
Net Underwriting Gain$6.5 M$5.5 M
Net Income$6.7 M$4.7 M
Net Investment Gain$6.9 M$7.4 M
Loss Ratio44.79%47.48%
Year to Date Combined Ratio (excluding dividends) 88.96%90.46%

* Dollars in Millions
** Combined FFVA Mutual and FFVA Select Direct Written Premium

From all of us at FFVA Mutual, we wish you happy holidays and a healthy, successful new year! Thank you for choosing FFVA Mutual for trusted workers’ comp solutions.


Alan Hair
President & CEO

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