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2019 Annual Report

FFVA Mutual’s Annual Reports share our financial highlights, results of operations and plans in progress to enhance our operations and customer experiences. In our 2019 Annual Report, our President Alan Hair shares a message with a focus on transitions and transformations.


2019 Annual Report: A Message from our President


In 2020, we live and work in an environment that drives change and transformation. The way we communicate and share information, recruit and retain team members, and utilize new technological innovations are evolving rapidly before our eyes. In response, organizations are transforming long-standing policies and processes to adapt to a changing workforce and to adopt innovations that promise to improve productivity and operating results.

FFVA Mutual is also in a process of transition as we have said bon voyage to Craig Menzl, our respected President/CEO for the past 20 years, and have reorganized and expanded our leadership to provide effective and experienced direction to our highly motivated team of insurance professionals into the next decade. FFVA Mutual is also in the final stages of replacing legacy insurance systems by implementing systems using modern technology that will provide an enhanced user experience, an improved ability to integrate and share information, and greater efficiency and flexibility for internal processes.

While “how” we do business is adapting and transforming, “why” we are in business remains the same. In the midst of this transformational disruption, FFVA Mutual will hold fast to the core values and principles that have guided us for over 60 years. Together, our Solutionists will make FFVA Mutual the best choice for workers’ compensation insurance in the Southeast, while enhancing this organizations reputation as a desirable place to work.


Alan Hair
President & CEO

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