7 Questions with Joani Dann

This Solutionist Spotlight is shining brightly on Joani Dann, underwriter at FFVA Mutual with nearly 40 years’ experience. An industry veteran, she has worked “both sides of the fence” for carriers in personal lines and workers’ compensation as a claims adjuster and underwriter which has given her a unique perspective when reviewing new business and anticipating potential workplace hazards. Known for her big heart and infectious personality, Joani’s light is sure to brighten anyone’s day.

Get to know Joani better through her answers to our 7 questions!

Underwriter Joani Dann

Solutionist Spotlight: Joani Dann

  1. How is FFVA Mutual different from other workers’ comp carriers? At FFVA Mutual, our policyholders, agents and coworkers are family. We are dedicated professionals who truly care. Great Relationships at Work are our top priority as we strive to provide exceptional service, responsiveness and a positive experience.
  2. Do you have a favorite memory/moment about a Solution you provided an agent, employer, or claimant? Many years ago when I was a senior workers’ comp adjuster, I took over the handling of a permanently totaled disabled claimant. Clara was an elderly lady, who struggled financially and her only family was her Chihuahua, Bambi. I discovered Clara’s indemnity rate had been miscalculated for years so her benefits had been underpaid. Once I corrected, she received $15,000 in back wages that majorly changed her life for the better – she even took a cruise and sent me a flowers and a heartfelt thank you card that I still have and cherish.
  3. Tell us something about you that might surprise us! I hold licenses as an all lines claim adjuster, agent and notary public. As a notary, I’ve performed 14 weddings for my friends.
  4. What are the three highlights of your life? My husband Tim who I met at age 12, is the love of my life. We just celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary (to clarify, we married at 18, not age 12)! I have two beautiful, happy, successful daughters Haley and Lindsey. I’ve been blessed with five wonderful grandchildren who are lights of my life, Paige, Caroline, Genevieve, Allie and Justin. Another huge joy for me is Roscoe, my beloved dog who provides me with great happiness, unconditional love, and the best dog kisses ever!
  5. Name the one thing you can’t live without? Shopping, not for me but for others. I love to lift the spirits of others and make a positive difference in someone’s life. I’m so excited that the holidays are right around the corner – my favorite time of year! However, my husband Tim passionately voices it’s his least favorite time of the year, with the exception of it also being hunting season. Tim states he will never be able to retire due to my shopping addiction.
  6. Describe the greatest challenge you have had to overcome. While I have incurred numerous challenges throughout my life, the one that stands out is my drama-filled childhood. By the time I was 16, I was living alone in an 18-foot trailer in a campground and supporting myself while going to school and working. While this was difficult, it made me a stronger person and increased my empathy for others.
  7. What would you like to be remembered for? When my family, friends and our agency partners and policyholders think of me, I hope I am remembered as a sincere, nurturing, loyal and caring person who made a positive impact in their life.











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