FFVA Mutual Year-End Results [2019]

I am pleased to announce that our 2019 year-end financial statements report profitable operating and investment results for the year. FFVA Mutual has consistently demonstrated the ability to deliver positive financial results due to our team’s commitment to disciplined underwriting, outstanding safety services, and proactive claim management.

FFVA Mutual’s 2019 Year-End Financial Highlights:

 Net Admitted Assets  $ 330.5 million
 Direct Written Premium  $  99.6 million*
 Policyholder Surplus  $ 175.4 million
 Net Underwriting Gain  $   10.4 million
 Net Income  $   11.0 million
 Net Investment Gain  $   11.1 million
 Loss Ratio 47.7%
 Combined Ratio (excluding dividends) 89.5%

*Combined FFVA Mutual and FFVA Select Direct Written Premium

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Congratulations to our Solutionists, as well as, our agency partners and policyholders on another successful year. In 2020, you can rely on FFVA Mutual’s account service teams to deliver outstanding workers’ compensation solutions!


Alan Hair
President & CEO

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