7 Questions with Abra Wallace

In this Solutionist Spotlight, we’re catching up with underwriter Abra Wallace. Learn about the places she’s traveled to and her most productive day of the week, in her answers to our 7 questions below. Abra Wallace

Solutionist Spotlight: Abra Wallace

  1. What do you think is the most important quality needed for success?
    I think the most important quality for success is a positive attitude. Your thoughts, emotions, words and actions define your attitude in life. As my sister used to tell me, “Your attitude determines your altitude.”

  2. What’s your favorite aspect of your job?
    My favorite aspect of underwriting is talking to people, building professional, and some personal relationships with my agency partners and co-workers. Good customer service is about helping people and it is important to let them know I am there for them and have their best interest at heart. Also, it is satisfying to receive positive feedback when I am able to assist or solve an issue.

  3. Which day of the work week are you the most productive?
    I believe Monday would be the day I would choose. After taking the weekend to unwind and relax, I come back to work on Monday feeling refreshed, ready to start the new week.

  4. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
    I thought I wanted to go into the medical field like my Dad because I love helping people. However, when he took me to work with him that quickly changed. I did not like hospitals or the sight of blood. It was not a good experience.

  5. What do you like to do in your spare time?
    I enjoy traveling, going to Broadway plays in New York, and watching all sports. However, since the pandemic, I am unable to do these things. I now watch more movies, exercise, cook with my mom and spend time with my family. I also joined a virtual book club to read more and hang out with my friends… on Zoom of course! 

  6. What is your most treasured possession?
    It used to be my Shaquille O’Neal basketball rookie card but actually, my most treasured possessions are the old photo albums of family and friends. I lost my sister in July and looking at the old photos of her made me realize just how treasured they are. Those memories will last forever.

  7. Where is the best place you’ve traveled to and why?
    My favorite places that I’ve traveled to are Spain and Italy. It was my first time overseas and it did not disappoint. I love seeing the ancient culture, the architecture, especially their churches and amazing views from hilltops. I also loved the food and the people made us feel welcomed. I am looking forward to traveling there again.

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