Safe & Sound: Are You Prepared this Hurricane Season?

Summertime brings to mind fun activities and sunny days but, for many businesses, warmer months are also a reminder to prepare for hurricane season. Below are a few ways you and your company can stay safe and weather any storm.

Be Informed

First, a bit of good news – if you can anticipate a storm coming, you can prepare for it. Every year, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) makes predictions about the number and severity of upcoming hurricanes.

Quick Tip: For real-time information, install an app or two on your smartphone to track hurricanes in real-time, stay in touch with loved ones and find gas stations to fuel up your car. These free top-rated apps are worth having in the palm of your hand when a storm is on its way:

  • NOAA Now provides the latest information, alerts and updates about hurricanes and tropical storm warnings in addition to severe thunderstorm and tornado alerts.
  • Zello Walkie Talkie helps individuals and groups stay in touch when cell tower signals are weak or nonexistent.
  • GasBuddy allows drivers to give real-time updates on which nearby gas stations actually have fuel, along with live updates on gas prices.

Put together an Emergency Prep Kit

Any business within 50 miles of a coastline should be prepared for hurricane season. The first step? Assemble an emergency prep kit or take time to review one you already have.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides detailed instructions on building an emergency prep kit for storm situations. As a company leader or manager, it is essential that you make sure these items are prepared ahead of the storm and readily accessible to workers.

Don’t find yourself underwater, be prepared

5 Items to Include in your Workplace Emergency Prep Kit:

  1. Non-perishable food and water for every employee on site.
  2. A first aid kit with related supplies, like over the counter medications.
  3. Essential electronics such as flashlights, a battery-operated weather radio and cell phones (along with extra batteries and solar chargers).
  4. Basic tools including a wrench, pliers and screwdriver for impromptu repairs.
  5. Maps of the area and numbers for local emergency services.

Communication is Key

Beyond the emergency prep kit, clear communication with employees can be a literal lifesaver. Here are a few ways to make sure your company is prepared, if a major storm comes your way.

  • Develop a written company emergency preparedness plan that outlines company procedures and review with all workers.
  • Compile a directory with employee information and emergency contacts, and make it easy for others to access.
  • Send emails or schedule automated calls/texts to alert workers of company plans and directives in advance of a hurricane.

For more information about what to do before, during and after a hurricane, watch our Hurricane Preparedness webcast. With a corporate office office located in the heart of Central Florida, we know quite a bit about storm prep, and we’re happy to share valuable resources with you.



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