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The Company

As a specialty insurance company, our focus is on controlling workers' compensation costs through a professional staff that is conversant in every facet of workers' compensation insurance.

We believe the unique combination of prevention-driven loss control and proactive claims management has made us an industry leader in controlling costs within our company and for the insureds we serve.

Guiding Principles

Core Values

Business Principles

Our core values are the foundation of our business principles.


FFVA Mutual has a clear vision of strategies for continued success. We maintain strong agency relationships, marketing focus, and solid capitalization, allowing us to maintain market share and pricing integrity regardless of market conditions.

The reward for following these principles is measured by our long-term relationships with insureds and agents, as well as the long tenure of our employees.

Market Strength & Diversity

Our strength comes through the long-term relationships we have with our employees, insureds, and business partners. Our success is based upon sharing knowledge, building trust, maintaining financial integrity, and respect for people.

Market Strength


FFVA Mutual has maintained market share and pricing integrity despite the volatility within the workers' compensation market.

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The FFVA Mutual Advantage

What People Say About Us

Claims Management Services

The employees at FFVA Mutual have been so very helpful in the claims process and how the claims are handled. I have been very fortunate to work with a couple of the claim adjusters and can honestly say that the adjusters are very friendly and professional and go out of their way to make sure that customer service is a top priority to them. One of my claims was very sensitive this past year and the adjuster handling this claim made sure that my needs were met and any questions or concerns I had were taken care of in a very timely manner. I am very satisfied with the service that I have received with FFVA Mutual. Keep up the wonderful work."

Human Resource Manager, Food Service, Kentucky

FFVA Mutual’s service and support is exceptional ... unmatched by any prior company’s claim service. The benefit of being assigned one adjuster who knows our business only enhances the quality and quick turnaround experienced with every claim. For the first time in my career I know each claim is processed responsibly and I now have a person I can call when a question or unique situation arises."

Manager, Human Resources, Machinery Dealer, Central Florida

My experience with FFVA Mutual’s claim service is that they are responsive, professional, and probably most importantly, willing to be proactive in working with clients so that when a claim does happen the process works as it should to help the injured person get well and to minimize the impact to our clients. The claim service at FFVA Mutual is outstanding."

Insurance Agent, Florida

I have been practicing workers’ compensation law since 1985 and have represented hundreds of employers/carriers over the years and can say without hesitation that FFVA Mutual is second to none in claims handling skills and employer-client service".

Attorney, Florida

Loss Control Services

FFVA Mutual has inspired and in turn lowered our company’s workers’ comp loss ratio, which ,of course, is what we need during these tough economic times. On job site visits, suggestions were made by their representatives, which were tailored to suit our needs. This advice then led to solutions, which paved the way to accident reduction, for which we are grateful to FFVA Mutual."

Director of Safety, Electrical Contracting Company, Florida

FFVA Mutual excels in every area of service to their clients. Quick response to claims, excellent care to our employees, vast knowledge concerning safety training, and they stay in touch with you by phone calls and quarterly visits. Never has our company been so satisfied with a workers’ compensation insurance company, and their premiums are the lowest we have found in 10 years."

Manager, Plumbing Services, Georgia

Our recent ergonomic review with FFVA immediately brought benefits to the employees of our company. The FFVA team quickly assessed areas of concern with each unique workstation and provided real time 'fixes' to the problems at no additional costs. Many of us were hurting ourselves and didn’t know it. There were many smiles and ah-ha moments when we followed the team's suggestions. Every company should undergo an ergonomic review. Thank you, FFVA Mutual!"

Financial Officer, Board of Education, Kentucky

FFVA Mutual Loss Control has been a blessing to our company. They have assisted us a great deal with establishing a top-notch safety program. They have used all their knowledge and resources to help us create a better work environment. Always eager to help, FFVA Mutual Loss Control has benefited our company more than any other company in the past."

General Manager, Plumbing Company, Mississippi