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Webcast – Defensive Driving

July 26, 2023 @ 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Defensive Driving

The leading cause of occupational fatalities is vehicle crashes. Employers pay significant costs for motor vehicle crashes, not to mention injured employees, liability risks and legal expenses. Since 2020, 45% of all fatal crashes were engaged in risky behaviors behind the wheel, and in fact, 94% of all crashes are caused by human behavior.

Everything a driver does behind the wheel is a choice. We will discuss impacts of the wrong choice and how to reframe thought process to make the proper choice.

During this webcast we will discuss:

  • How to respond to conditions out of drivers control
  • Impacts of the wrong choice and how to reframe your thoughts and actions to make the safe choice while behind the wheel.
  • Real world incidents and how to report accidents or injuries if you or a coworker are injured while driving for work
  • Steps to take to avoid a motor vehicle accident
  • Ways to address unwanted or risky behaviors of others while driving

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