Agency Commission Direct Deposit | Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to complete a form for each agency branch?
Yes, if the location(s) maintain a unique agency branch number with FFVA Mutual.

Can I mail or fax this information?
Unfortunately, no. We will only accept email submissions.

Will I still receive commission checks?
Only through September 2017. Effective October 2017, all agency commissions will be directly deposited around the 10th business day of each month (allow for weekends and holidays).

Will I continue to receive printed copies of my commission statement?
No. Commission statements will no longer be mailed. Your agency’s authorized Accounting Contact (identified on your completed form) will receive monthly commission statements via email.

Will funds ever be deducted from my account?
No. We will not deduct funds from your account.

How are commission adjustments handled and communicated?
As they are today. Any adjustments will be included in subsequent monthly statements emailed to your Accounting Contact.

Can I view my commissions online?
Not at this time but it is planned as a future enhancement.

Can I have commissions deposited into a savings account or more than one account?
No, only checking account deposits are available.

How do I update or change my account?
Simply complete another authorization form with new account information and email to [email protected]. Authorization forms will be available on our agency portal.

Contact FFVA Mutual’s Agency Services at [email protected].

Enroll in 3 Steps for each agency branch:

  • Complete the form that was attached to the email, print and sign. Retain a copy for your records.
  • Scan a copy of a voided check (do not attach starter checks or deposit slips) that provides the appropriate account and routing numbers. For a sample check showing account and routing number, click here.
  • Email the signed, completed form(s) and scanned voided check(s) to [email protected].

Please Note: We have sent an email to the Marketing Contact for each FFVA Mutual appointed agency location, along with a form containing the pre-filled branch name and number.
A separate form must be completed for each location that has a unique FFVA Mutual location code.