2018 Safety Achievement Award Winner | Silver Springs Bottled Water Company

Congratulations to all at Silver Springs Bottled Water Company as a Safety Achievement Award Winner in recognition of their outstanding achievements in improving health and safety in your workplace. Management has been very committed to safety and health of the employees of this 24-hr a day facility. They complete regularly scheduled, documented inspections of the workplace, and note hazards to make corrections. They completed necessary training (forklift and hazard communication), and have an active hearing conservation program. Additionally, they have created a Safety Committee that is meets consistently on a monthly basis.

L to R: Jose Ramos, FFVA Mutual VP Safety & Loss Control, Doug Weaver, AAI, Insurance Agent with Brown & Brown of Florida, Inc., Geri Heier FFVA Mutual Field Adjuster, Keith E. Richmond, Chief Information Officer, Silver Springs Bottled Water Company, Kelly Milligan, Safety Contact, Silver Springs Bottled Water Company, Arian Collick, FFVA Mutual Safety Consultant, Denise Hoenicke FFVA Mutual Production Underwriter and Walt Robbins, Plant Manager, Silver Springs Bottled Water Company.