2018 Safety Achievement Award Winner | Control Electric Services, Inc.

L to R: Ernie Medina, FFVA Mutual Safety Supervisor, Denise Hoenicke, FFVA Mutual Production Underwriter, Susan L. Orefice, President of Control Electric Services, Inc., Sam McMillian, Project & Safety Manager for Control Electric Services, Inc., and Vicki Hinkey, FFVA Mutual Claims Adjuster.

Congratulations to all at Control Electric Services, Inc. as a Safety Achievement Award Winner in recognition of their outstanding achievements. Control Electric Services, Inc. has demonstrated a great attitude towards loss control and safety, scheduling safety walk-through’s and jobsite visits with active participation. Paying close attention to any and all provided safety recommendations.

Control Electric Services, Inc., has a formal safety program in place and drug-free workplace program. They provide light duty through their established return to work program.